Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why do we look down first?

Why do we always point the finger downward at those "beneath us" when trouble strikes, instead of those above us? Why do we look for a way to blame the guys who mow our lawns when our buildings are struck down? Why do we think it is welfare cheats who cause our financial difficulties, and not those who steal money by the bankful? Why blame the union workers on the assembly line for making $60,000 a year plus benefits while we try to fix our car-manufacturer woes, and not the decisions made by those who fly private jets around the country while leading those companies to ruin?
Too many people I know have a knee-jerk, instinctive reaction to blame those they see on street corners for the troubles we face, and ignore the "masters of the universe" in their glass-encrusted Park Avenue towers, who steal whole entire industries, countries and life-savings. If I get one more email blaming the guys who assemble the Buicks and Chryslers for their "extravagant" salary and benefits packages, and not a SINGLE FREAKIN' email about those who led them into disaster, I'm going to crush the author of that email underneath a ton of Ford F150's!

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Celina said...

I wrote a really long response to your blog but google lost it when I logged in. Anyway, the summary is this - the sixties and seventies taught us the futility of fighting the system. It became easier in the eighties and beyond to cop out and take a me first attitude. It gave us the illusion of strength but in actuality allowed those in power to rape our society. Does no one notice that siding with the abuser is classic victim behavior? Because that is what we've become - a society of victims. When will we truly stand up and become grown ups again?